2017 English-speaking Blending at Alpha House

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Let’s go outing!

Dates: May 12 Friday (arrival) – May 14 Lord’s Day some **12pm departure after cleaning**. (Good to have lunch with one another on the way home.)

Location: Alpha House. A property owned by NorCal churches. Please find more information including the address and directions below.

Cost: $50 per person; $25 for children K to 6th grade; free for younger ones.

* The cost covers 3 meals Saturday and Lord’s Day breakfast, in addition donation to Alpha House.

Online Registration: 



Directions to Alpha House from Hwy 80 going East West 12 10

Alpha Room Assignment

More about Alpha House:

Praise the Lord for the Lord’s present move in Northern California!  Thank the Lord that with Alpha House, He has provided the churches in this region a sanctified and uplifted place  to build up the small groups and perfect our young people and college age.

Recently, the property located above Nevada City CA that we call “Alpha House” has been upgraded and enlarged to improve the overall quality of the experience of those staying there.  Three large suites, each with its own private bathroom, one on first floor, two on the second floor and one additional bedroom space on the third floor have been added.  A fire suppression system has been installed throughout the house, and the bathroom downstairs is now ADA compliant.  In addition, the kitchen was greatly enlarged (+60%), moving all the cooking equipment (including ovens and refrigerators), from the garage, into the kitchen with plenty of cooking, storage, cleaning and serving areas.

The total living space can accommodate 65 people comfortably, and perhaps up to 85 (utilizing other sleeping areas) if there is  a real need, but Alpha House is ideal for smaller groups.

We would like to encourage the increased use of Alpha House for the blending and building up of small groups in Northern California.


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