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  • Please first find the ‘paypal invoice’ of your registration from the ‘Registration’ sheet of this Google spreadsheet.
  • Fill in the paypal invoice and the amount that you would like to pay for the trip.
  • Click the “Donate” button below to pay through Paypal (If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still make the payment with your credit card.)
  • Questions? Please contact James Shau.
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It appears that you did not go through the payment process with PayPal for 2015 Labor Day churching trip.

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  • Since the payment did not go through, your registration is incomplete. Please take one of the following actions:
    • If you are now ready to go through the payment process again, go to this page and follow the instructions there.
    • If you have questions or concerns, please contact James Shau 408-605-7513.

Thank you for registering for 2015 Labor Day churching trip.

  • Your request is recorded. You should be able to see it (possibly with some delay) in the ‘Registration’ sheet of this Google spreadsheet.
  • Your payment to the Church in Cupertino thru PayPal will be verified in a day or two. Once verified, the status of your request will be updated to ‘paid’ on the aforementioned sheet.
  • If any questions or concern, please contact brother James Shau jamesshau@yahoo.com 408-605-7513.





Links to Input Attendance

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NorCal Sisters’ Conference Announcement

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Informal registration tracking page for sisters in Cupertino and Sunnyvale


  • The address is San Mateo Marriott, 1770 South Amphlett Blvd San Mateo, CA 94402.
  • For sisters with small children, a nursery room is provided a short distance from the conference room with a wifi connection available to listen to the messages on your wireless device. For the sake of the full release of the Lord’s burden, we ask that children who may cause noise not be in the meeting but taken to the nursery. You may also listen to messages in your room through the free room wifi.
  • Sisters who require translation should bring an FM radio and extra batteries. Translation is provided into Chinese, Spanish and Korean (message outlines are also translated).
  • Please note that the Friday night meeting starts at 7:00 pm, not 7:30 pm.


Friday April 24th
11:00 am           Registration and Lunch
  1:00 pm           Message One
  2:30 pm           Break and check in
  4:00 pm           Message Two
  5:30 pm           Dinner and rest time
  7:00 pm           Message Three
Saturday April 25th
  7:30 am         Breakfast and check out
  9:00 am         Message Four
10:30 am         Break
11:00 am         Q&R Session
12:30 pm         Lunch and blending time
  2:00 pm         Message Five

4:00 pm         Conference ends


Dear Leading Brothers,

We thank the Lord that we are now able to announce the 2015 NorCal Sisters’ Blending Conference. The practical details are given below. We ask the leading brothers of each Northern California church to announce this conference to the sisters in their locality, before Lord’s Day, if possible. (We apologize that we have been delayed due to negotiations with the hotel.)

Dates: April 24 & 25 (from Friday 1:00 pm to Saturday 4:00 pm)

Location/Hotel: San Mateo Marriott at 1770 S. Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94402

Nearest Airport: San Francisco International

Conference Registration: Please register for the conference now using this link:

The check for the conference registration fee of $25 should be made out to your locality, and one check from the locality sent to the church in Campbell.

Hotel Details: You can reserve a hotel room at the San Mateo Marriott either through the following link or the 800 number below:

1)     By hotel online registration:Book your group rate for 2015 Sisters Blending Conference; be advised that to select your room type, you must proceed as follows:

a.     Select dates, number of persons, then click “Check Availability” on first page

b.     Select special $99 rate on second page

c.      Under “2. Your requests” on page 3, select “Make requests for accessible rooms, pillow type, room location and more” to choose your room type

2)     By phone: please call 1-866-263-1461; state the hotel as the “San Mateo Marriott” and ask for the “2015 Sisters’ Conference.” Remember to request your confirmation number.

3)     The hotel reservations deadline is April 10. Be sure to enter the check-in date as April 24 and the check-out date as April 25.

The group room rate is $99 per night plus 12% tax and a $1 tourism fee (upon payment the tax will be based on the contracted room rate of $134 even though we paid down the rate to $99). The room types are either a king or two queen beds. The hotel cost includes free wi-fi in the guest rooms. Parking is $5/day with in/out privileges for overnight guests (non-overnight guests pay $5/day without in/out privileges). Although the parking rate listed online is $24, our special rate is $5.

Meals: There will be two “grab and go” meal concessions on Saturday: continental breakfast and lunch (see the menus below). Because we have a food and beverage commitment, please consider purchasing your breakfast and lunch from these concessions.

Breakfast: Bagel $4.00; Danish $3.00; Muffin $3.00; Donut $3.00; Whole Fruit $2.00; Water $4.00; Soda $4.00; Coffee $4.00.

Lunch: Sandwich $7.00; Green Salad $7.00; Salad with Grilled Chicken $9.00; Potato Chips $2.50; Whole Fruit $2.00; Cookie $2.50; Water $4.00; Soda $4.00; Coffee $4.00.

Preparation: Please inform any sisters who may have somehow missed this mailing about these registration/reservation details. Please bring this conference in prayer before the Lord, asking for His speaking and His blessing.

We trust the Lord that many husbands who are fathers may gain grace from the Lord to watch the children Friday and Saturday to enable their wives to attend this conference for the Lord’s sake.

The Serving Brothers in Coordination

Test Frames

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Sixth Grade Conference Registration

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Dear serving ones,

Attached are the following forms and documents for the 6th Grade Conference which will be held at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds (Occidental, CA) on May 1-3, 2015.

  1. Conference Announcement
  2. Letter to Parents
  3. Conference Rules.
  4. Registration form.
Please read over all the material carefully. The registration forms must be turned in by 4/19/2015.
Also attached are the following forms which must be filled out and brought with you to the camp:
  1. Disclosure Statement - must be completed by every adult coming to the conference
  2. Full Health History Form  -  must be completed for everyone under 18.
  3. Medical Procedures and Check-in Form  -  must be completed by anyone under 18 who is bringing any medications to the camp and will not be accompanied by a parent.
These 3 forms for Alliance Redwoods must be completed and brought by you to the camp. Do not send them to me.
In addition to these forms, you still have to run a background check on any adult and be ready to sign a form at the camp stating that such background checks have been performed.  This background check must be done for ALL adults, even parents, since they will not be with just their own children.
May the Lord bless this conference and sow Himself richly into our young ones.

For GPS, use this intersection:

Alvarado Niles Rd and Hartnell St, Union City, CA

. (If you use the address of the high school, you will have a hard time turning around to the parking.)


Click to see the full map:



** Please note the change of schedule (reduced to 6pm).

Fellowship meeting with Brother Minoru Chen  on Lord’s Day, March 22, according to the following schedule:

  • 3:30–3:45 pm — Prayer and Exercise of the Spirit
  • 3:45–5:45 pm — Fellowship
  • 5:45–6:00 pm — Prayer
Our brother is burdened to further develop the point:
                   The commission to the working saints in this age
that he touched on in the previous fellowship Feb.22.
A live video simulcast of the speaking for South Bay churches is in the meeting hall of the church in San Jose, 124 S. 11th Ave..
(As last time, limited attendance at the meeting hall of the church in San Francisco (1201 19th Ave).)