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Phil.4:17b … I seek the fruit which increases to your account.

2 Cor.9:6-7 But take note of this: He who sows sparingly shall also sparingly reap; and he who sows with blessings shall also with blessings reap;  Each one as he has purposed in his heart, not out of sorrow or out of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Questions? Contact finance@churchincupertino.org.

NorCal Work Fund (Sep. 2016 / May 2017)
May 2017 update: our target for 2017 is 350K.


(Excerpt of the letter to the churches)
Dear brothers,
As we fellowshipped last Saturday afternoon with the brothers, the Lord’s move in Northern California has been progressing. We have surveyed the situation of the churches in Northern California, and realized that many areas of opportunity for the Lord are in smaller or newer localities that do not have the financial ability to support full-time workers. We recognize that more workers are necessary to commence a work in nearby cities, communities, and campuses. For this reason, we have established the NorCal Work Fund aiming to release the supply in the Body to meet the need of the Body.

At this time, we will focus on the one-time goal of reaching $250,000 by the end of 2016. Then, starting in 2017, we would like to establish a more consistent ongoing support by monthly (or regular) pledging by churches and individual saints.

We trust that in opening this fund to the saints and the churches, the Lord will touch many saints “to support such ones that we may become fellow workers in the truth” (3 John 8).

This is a brief summary of the NorCal Work Fund for saints to know its goal, function, and practical details for supporting it.


To support the full-time serving ones in a new situation where local support is inadequate. Examples: workers at Sonoma State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Chico, etc.
This will not replace the current organic support by nearby localities.
This is not intended to support an existing work in the localities, e.g., Berkeley full timers.
This is not to support FTTA trainees.
The fund is intended to support all kinds of full timers serving in Northern California, including young people’s workers, community workers, and language workers, and some who may serve in more than one kind of work simultaneously (e.g., young people and college).


The Fund will be overseen by a group of mature serving brothers … All disbursements are to be considered under much prayer and fellowship, and agreed upon by unanimous decision.


Name of the account: NorCal Work Fund, to be handled practically as a special account opened under the auspices of the church in Berkeley. All disbursements are to come from the church in Berkeley special account as directed by the overseeing brothers.


Donations are welcome from both individuals and local churches. Pledges of one-time giving or periodic giving are both acceptable.
The initial target is $250,000.
Contributions from individuals are to be understood as being in addition to the regular offering of 10% and 5% to the local churches.

Electronic donations are now available, and up-to-date information concerning donations can be accessed from the NorCal Work Fund link at http://www.norcalchurches.org/.

  • For the saints in Cupertino, please make the check payable to the church in Cupertino, memo: NorCal work fund

Giving to Support the Gospel Work in Europe (December 2015)

Special Fellowship Handouts 25 December 2015 (pdf)

  • After the special fellowship on 25 December, further fellowship was given regarding the need to print more copies of the Recovery Version New Testament in German for free mass distribution among the German-speaking people. Those who wish to donate for that purpose should give to Living Stream Ministry according to the instructions in the handout.

The gospel work in Europe, including the work among the refugees, is being carried out in a coordinated way through three main entities:

  1. Living Stream Ministry (LSM)—produces gospel and ministry materials in Arabic, Farsi, and European languages to contact and nourish the seeking ones.
  2. Rhema Literature Distributors (Rhema)—conducts free mass distribution of gospel and ministry materials.
  3. Lord’s Move to Europe (LME)—provides financial support for those who serve full time in Europe and for other expenses related to the carrying out of the gospel work in Europe. In conjunction with LME, Amana Trust in London coordinates the work related to the person -to person contact ing and shepherding of seeking ones in Europe.

Churches and saints who desire to give to support the specific aspects of the work related to LSM, Rhema, and LME can use the following instructions (please designate each gift as indicated):

To give to LSM (designate your gift for “Refugee Language Work”)
1. By mail—make your check payable to Living Stream Ministry and mail to:
  • Living Stream Ministry
    2431 W. La Palma Ave.
    Anaheim, CA 92801
2. By bank wire—send an email to gail@lsm.org for instructions.
3. By credit card—credit card donations can be made only by telephone, by calling (714) 991-4681.
To give to Rhema (designate your gift for “MyFreedom Project”)
1. By mail—make your check payable to “Rhema” and mail to:

  • Rhema
    P.O. Box 31651
    Seattle WA 98103-1651

2. By bank wire—send an email to donations@rhemabooks.org for instructions.
3. By PayPal—coming soon; email donations@rhemabooks.org in mid-January for updated information

To give to LME (designate your gift for “European Gospel Work”)
In your Web browser go to www.lordsmove.org/offerings.html and follow instructions on how to give by mail, bank transfer, or online by credit card or ACH transfer.
  • Saints in Cupertino could make check payable to The Church In Cupertino with the above designations specified in the memo

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