Thanksgiving Conference Parking Information

November 18, 2016 | Posted by jamesshau in Uncategorized
Below are some guidelines to assist the saints who are commuting to the Thanksgiving Conference about places to park. Please pass this information on to any saints in your locality who may need it.
  1. There is a major event going on beginning on 11/25, called “Christmas in the Park” which is being held in the downtown area. Thousands of people will attend this event at the same time as the Thanksgiving Conference is scheduled.
  2. Some of the streets in the downtown area will be blocked and most of the spaces in the nearby parking lots will be occupied.
  3. We advise all the saints to carpool and come at least half an hour early to reserve time for parking.
  4. The younger saints may want to park in parking lots and garages farther away from the convention center, and walk about 5 to 10 minutes to the meeting place.
  5. We recommend the Convention Center parking garages for older saints and families with young children. Convention center parking:
      1. Convention Center
        1. $1 per 20 min, $20 daily maximum, Monday - Sunday
        2. Special rates as posted at the facility may apply during special events
      2. South Hall
        1. $7 daily flat fee; $5 evening flat fee; no overnight parking
  6. The following is link to the information regarding downtown parking:
  • Attached are maps of all the available parking lots and garages near the convention center.

San Jose Convention Center and South Hall Parking
San Jose downtown Parking

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